People Who Are Serious About Results Choose Trained By BV.

Whether you come to train in the Trained by BV gym, or work with our coaches online, we will change your whole mindset towards training, movement and nutrition and help work with you towards a version of yourself that you can be proud of.

There are no limiting beliefs at Trained by BV, there are no barriers, we are a team that is backed by passion and results.

What ever your starting point, we are here to show you that you can achieve a level of health and wellness, and a physique, that you never even thought was possible.

We are not just coaches, we are your team mate, your mentor and your number 1 fan, supporting you in all aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing.

At BV, we are deeply invested in helping you achieve life-changing outcomes that last.

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3 reasons to get started

You have a determination and drive to succeed. What you need now is expert guidance and real support from trainers who care about your results. Trained by BV has a solution, whether you want to train at the gym, invest in Personal Training, or work remotely with our online coaching. Everything we offer is designed to set you up for success. Let us help you get where you want to be.

Ben Vaughan – Trained By BV

90 Day Accelerator

Our methods mean that we ensure you are provided with the correct tools, guidance, education, accountability and of course, a ‘team-mate’ to achieve your goals.

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Latest Reviews

I’ve recently started working with Ben James at Trained by BV, the 121 PT is first class, great teaching to improve technique and coaching to encourage me to work hard, which is really making a difference. The gym has some first class kit and the team are super friendly and supportive.

Andrew Morris

Trained here recently and it’s honestly some of the best equipment I’ve ever used! It’s a high end training facility with a professional and welcoming team. If you’re serious about obtaining real results then this is the place to be. Would highly recommend dropping by and taking a look around.

Dan Thomson

Fabulous experience, supportive and friendly.

Classes are for all levels and trainers are very attentive and knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend.

Jessica Redman

This must be the absolute best gym in bristol ! The really good looking head trainer, Ben, really knows his stuff and has helped me transform my body completely !!

I used to be a size 10 but am feeling great I am size 6 now and can’t wait to strut around in my Incy wincy bikini … before I would almost have to wear full swimming costume to hide all the bulges.

Thanks Ben and all the team at BV . You have made me so happy ! Top marks !

Simon Graham

Sparkling clean gym focused on providing a quality experience, not on the quantity of members it can squeeze in. As such, this space never feels crowded and there are no queues for equipment (which is especially important during these pandemic times!).

Each of the PTs are super knowledgeable about all things fitness and nutrition, and are passionate about their work. As well as being total guns at their jobs, they’re also the friendliest guys ever, and will remember you by name and make you feel totally welcome every time you pop by.

Teasha McNeill

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