Thinking you shouldn’t train like a man

Should women train like men if they want to lose fat, improve their body shape and get stronger?

Simple answer is yes!

In general, males and females will get the best results using the same training principles.

Similar exercises

Similar rep, set and rest periods

Same progression methods

Thinking lifting heavy weights will make you bulky

Females are scared to death that if they start lifting heavy weights, they will gain too much muscle and look bulky.

Females have a much inferior hormonal profile to men to build large amounts of muscle mass. Females can have unto 10 times less testosterone than males, making it impossible to gain that much muscle development naturally.

Not having a plan when you walk into the gym

One of the biggest mistakes females make (and guys as well for the matter), is that they walk into the gym without a plan. They use the same workout, using the same training principles. Rest times, load, reps, sets etc. Progress stalls, you don’t see results which eventually will de motivate you.

Our bodies adapt quickly. To keep making progress, you have to continually change some of your training principles. When you have a plan, a goal, you can set specific targets and plan your workouts so you walk into the gym knowing exactly what to do. Doing this will keep you motivated and less likely to skip your training.