Our focus is to help deliver a life-changing experience to individuals who are looking for results; both in the short term and long term.

We offer the highest standard of coaching to give our clients a personalised journey that is not only bespoke to them and their current level of experience and to their lifestyle, but will get them results.

BV is a place where clients know they will achieve their goals in an environment that is inspiring and motivating to work in.

Primarily a personal training gym, we also offer gym memberships and small group coaching sessions for those who do not need exclusive access to a coach, but who are looking to train and be a part of a positive, results driven environment.

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Trained by BV is a private facility

We are far from the ‘big box gyms’ who only offer an anonymous and one size fits all approach to their members.

You won’t ever find yourself queuing to get on a machine because the gym is too busy

You will never feel intimated by the other members.

We have created an environment where everyone feels part of the family and a space where everyone is there to help and encourage one another to achieve their best.

When you’re working towards being your best, you deserve to train with the very best equipment and facilities, so we have a wide range of sophisticated training equipment from some of the worlds leading manufacturers including; Prime, Atlantis, Watson, Rogue and Predator Strength.

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Grow with us

Located within Trained by BV is our in-house café, The Fix providing you with coffees, shakes, supplementation and pre / post workout snacks.

We have built, and continue to grow, a team who are not only invested in their clients, but also invested in themselves and their career.

We have built a culture of excellence and accountability which sets us apart from others.

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