There are a huge number of benefits to fat loss and maintaining a healthy bodyweight. These include;

  • Improved regulation of hormones, more energy and better sleep.
  • Lower risk of heart disease and lower risk of type II diabetes.
  • Better blood markers and lower cholesterol.
  • Aesthetics; fat loss is so much more than the physical weight that you lose, you are improving your health, wellness and longevity on every level when you take steps to lose body fat. However, It shouldn’t be forgotten that with fat loss generally comes a physical change in aesthetics and this often goes hand in hand with more confidence and other positive lifestyle changes.

The main limiting factors

There are hundreds of different approaches to fat loss but the main limiting factors that we see our clients struggle with are:

An emotional bond to food; normally linked to stress and closely tied to over or under restrictive diets forcing people to have an all-or-nothing approach; not having a long-term mindset and setting unrealistic goals.

Time. Many people find that they just don’t have the time to prepare food with a busy schedule. It’s just easier to grab things on the go or eat out.

Lack of knowledge and education; which leads to a lack of planning and a lot of eating out or convince foods; this includes the level of alcohol consumption which can be a huge contributing factor to a poor diet.

No accountability and a poor support network; these can be big limiting factors as to why people struggle to lose fat.

Improve your efficiency to lose fat

With so many different approaches, it is important to us that we provide our clients with ways in which we have proven time after time will improve their efficiency to lose fat. These include;

Education around the basic nutritional fundamentals and how to efficiently enter a calorie deficient and maintain a negative energy balance.

Moving more and consuming less while still maintaining 1g of protein per 1 lb of lean mass everyday.

Managing lifestyle factors that can contribute to increased stress more effectively; including the importance of getting a minimum of 7 hours good quality sleep every night.

The importance of consuming omega 3 and magnesium daily.

Achieve outstanding fat loss results and positive health outcomes.

Our approaches are effective and efficient at delivering outstanding fat loss results and positive health outcomes.

We track progress and ensure that clients stay accountable with measurable outcomes.

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