What am I all about?

With 8 years experience as a trainer, 1000’s of hours coaching behind me & a proven track record of getting results I am dedicating to helping my clients not only get kick ass results looking and feeling lean, strong & confident my priority is also your mental health.

If you aren’t thinking positive, then you certainly aren’t going to feel it regardless of how we look in our bikinis or swimming trunks. I want you to enjoy your training & nutrition and not feel like it’s something you have to do but something you want to do… If this is the case I guarantee your commitment will become natural, your motivation will be much higher and in return you will reap the benefits feeling positive walking around with a smile on your face. Along side this we will bring structure and consistency to your life getting your moving better, training optimally, eating right but having balance, managing your sleep & stress allowing you to reach your full potential looking and feeling like the best version of you!

My priority?

My priority as a coach first and foremost is to educate you… Being educated on what we are doing, why we are doing it & how those factors are important for you to achieve your goals is key for longevity and making the results you achieve maintainable & sustainable, as much as I’d like to be your coach for the rest of your life that’s probably not going to be the case.

What now?

I’m guessing as you’ve made the step to view my profile, you’re thinking about taking on a coach & have goals in mind you want to achieve? So drop me an email, text message or give me a call and we can get you into the gym, sit down for chat and go through your goals and how together we can make positive healthy changes to your lifestyle & develop a physique & mind to be proud of!

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