Growing up, I always struggled with poor body image and constantly obsessing over the way I looked

This developed into various eating disorders which consumed my life and unfortunately I was on this journey alone.

I WISH I’d had someone to guide me through it all – and show me that it doesn’t all have to be so complicated and restrictive.

My focus as your coach is to help you become the best version of yourself, restriction free and sustainably. I will work with you to ensure that whatever your goal, we are working towards it with a healthy and positive mindset. We want to reach a place where you are training hard and nourishing your body because you love and respect it, not because you hate it.

The key to success with any body composition goal is consistency. I will help you to create sustainable habits, fall in love with your training and find a way of eating that you could happily maintain forever.

The most rewarding part of my ‘job’ as a female only coach is seeing my girls start to love themselves and feel confident.

My clients

One of my lovely clients Amy had previously suffered with Anorexia Nervosa. She felt weak and was going to the gym purely to burn calories out of guilt. She has now built a seriously impressive amount of muscle, is addicted to the feeling of being strong and no longer worries about enjoying food because she understands that our bodies need fuel.

Giulia came to me in a very dark place mentally. She hated her body and would always doubt her abilities and put herself down. We decided to try and shift her focus from purely ‘weight loss’ to feeling amazing. Fast forward a few months and she has fallen in love with weight training, smiles constantly and pushes herself in every single session. And guess what? She has also dropped 8kg of body fat along the way.

Becoming the best version of yourself is not about punishment, suffering and restriction. I’m all about enjoying the process for life long results.

Once you shift the focus of what you’re trying to achieve from a place of hate to a place of love – the magic happens and sometimes the physical result is merely a byproduct of your mindset transformation. We could work to make you the leanest you’ve ever been but you still wont be satisfied if you aren’t happy in yourself first.

I am truly passionate about what I do, constantly learning so that I can pass this knowledge onto my clients and get them the best possible result.

You grow through what you go through and I now feel I have a duty to educate and empower other females. I love being there through every part of their physical mental journey.

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