Having competed and placed in county athletics, Lewis has always had a natural instinct of getting up and doing something physical and challenging

Lewis first started resistance training when he was 14 and quickly found a love for it, he has been training ever since to develop his own physique and knowledge.

Lewis said: “Back in secondary school, I told my careers advisor that I wanted to be a personal trainer, from then on I have done everything I can in order to educate myself and progress my coaching ability rapidly.

My passion for self-development and controlling mindset started at an early age. I moved into my first flat when I was 16, I believe this is the reason I have a very strong ability to focus and drive my clients to achieve results. From my own experiences, I have learnt how to acknowledge and actively correct errors that have been made through bad choices. I use this in helping my clients understand how negative actions and thoughts effect and limit many things in life. Not only do my clients develop physically, they also develop a different way of thinking.

A few reasons why I love my job

My client Sara recently informed me that since training she no longer has panic attacks.

Dave came to me after being told he would be in a wheel chair at 40 due to his cerebral palsy. Since training, the NHS have seen a 100% strength increase and saw it unnecessary to carry on Dave’s quarterly hospital visits. The thought of a wheel chair doesn’t scare him anymore.

Rob, 37, had 3 different girlfriends while I was working with him (not all at once) and he never stopped smiling. Boosting his confidence worked wonders!

Being able to achieve life impacts with every single one of my clients is the reason I do this, I love it.

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