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I am a fully qualified personal trainer with over 5 years of experience. Most recently, I have extended my knowledge and specialised in antenatal and postnatal training, ensuring I have the knowledge to help a wider range of women. I specialise in helping women of all ages and abilities meet their fitness goals, gain confidence and improve their mindset. I am dedicated to developing and empowering my clients to use exercise as their tool to live their healthiest and happiest life.

I prioritise educating my clients on how to reach their fitness goals through exercise and nutrition. It is essential that my clients understand the specific styles and methods we are using. This helps them to grasp the reasons why their plan has been designed specifically, which in turn will help them to consistently achieve their goals. My clients lean how to become self sufficient; allowing them to live a balance and healthy lifestyle outside of the gym. This ensures they continue to see success in their lifelong fitness journey.

What continually inspires me in my job is when I witness the positive affects our training has on their overall health, including their mental wellbeing. I aspire to help them achieve their physical goals, but seeing a clients mindset and mental health positively transform gives me the drive and passion to be the best PT possible. More recently, a client of mine achieve a 30kg weight loss and although her physical transformation was incredible, her fat loss allowed her mental health to improve massively, she was able to run again and do day to day tasks such as walking up the stairs pain free.

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