We have helped numerous clients in not only their physical transformation, but also in their health transformations too; improving health and wellness across the board.

There are a number of benefits to improving your performance and health markers.

Improved sleep, more manageable stress levels, better energy efficiency and improved performance are just a few examples.

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The main limiting factors we see our clients struggle with that affect their ability to improve their performance and health markers are:

A lack of knowledge of what health and wellness is. With these trigger words thrown around so much, it can be challenging to know what is correct, or incorrect and what will work for you.

The absence of accountability. Many people struggle with accountability to themselves and are unable to implement the necessary changes needed to optimise their health and wellness; physically and mentally.

Time. Most people feel that they cannot prioritise time for their own health, wellness and performance because of commitments to work or family. There is often the barrier of believing that you have to dedicate many hours a day to these things to see improvements; which is incorrect.

Trained by BV can help you overcome these limiting factors and give you an approach that you have never seen or tried before.

Tracking a spectrum of different biomarkers and metrics

By tracking a spectrum of different biomarkers and metrics, we can make improvements to blood pressure, BMI, sex drive, resting heart rate, energy levels, heart rate zones, sleep, digestion and more.

With a personalised programme, an expert to work alongside throughout the process and the education you need to make this a forever change, you WILL get the results you desire, and those results will be so efficient and effective that you can maintain and uphold them for life.

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