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You will always achieve more with coaching from an expert teacher. Training is no different. We offer a range of Personal Coaching options at our strength training destination gym in Bristol.

Choose from:

  • 1-to-1 Personal Coaching
  • 1-to-2 Semi Private Coaching
  • 1-to-3 Small Group Coaching

Personal coaching at Trained by BV is not just training sessions. You are investing in your coach’s time, and we will be with you throughout the journey.

Your coach will make sure you are following the best training and nutrition protocol, so you never have to second guess it. We’ll help you get healthier outside the gym to get better results from your training.

We will break down every movement and teach you how to execute proper technique so you understand how to train properly (and at the right intensity).

Imagine knowing that you will never hit a training plateau again. Let us show you how.

Coaching packages

We understand that some people like the personal experience of 1-to-1 coaching, and we also know others like the motivation and social element (plus the savings) of Semi Private or Small Group Training (maximum of 3).

Consultation and assessments

Your personal coaching journey starts with a detailed assessment by your coach to gather all the data we need to design the best plan. It’s not just about the exercises we’ll do in your sessions. We also want to help you with stress, sleep, digestion, and motivation to achieve more.

Access to your coach

Our personal coaching goes beyond the hour we spend together in your session. We want you to succeed in your own training and outside the gym. You will get personal attention and the chance to talk with your coach about training, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle changes.

Learn the best way to train

Our coaches don’t just set you a training session. They will show you the best way to use every piece of equipment for your body, your strength levels, and your structure. You will gain valuable knowledge about how to train harder and smarter in any gym.

Serious strength equipment

The Trained by BV gym has equipment from the world’s leading strength manufacturers, including Hammer Strength, Watson, Atlantic, and Prime Fitness and your coach will help you learn to get the best out of free weights and gym machines.

Make faster progress with Personal Coaching.

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