Our approach is worlds apart from other gyms because we treat you as an individual

The structure and accountability required to achieve those life-changing and life-long results is something that we have worked hard to deliver.

Our methods mean that we ensure you are provided with the correct tools, guidance, education, accountability and of course, a ‘team-mate’ to achieve your goals.

If you are committed to the process and work hard, you will gain maximum results, that last.

How do we do it?

We provide our clients with a totally bespoke experience.

A personalised programme that is built for our clients and backed by results.

We have coached hundreds of clients; both males and females of all age groups, all experience from beginners to advanced and with different goals from fat loss to muscle gain and everything in-between.

Training Programme

A periodised training programme, exercises that best fit their structure, mobility and skill. With clear direction for progression.

Personalised Nutrition Advice

Nutrition and supplementation based personally on each client; what we feel they can be consistent with and that works best for them.

Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle management to improve health markers and overall wellness including lowering stress, improved sleep, improved digestion and increasing NEAT.

Growth Mindset

A growth Mindset; developing the importance of mindset and things that are all too often neglected by us all. (Motivation, discipline, organisation, feedback.) Along with tools and tactics for how to develop these and use them in everyday life.

Individualised Plan

A structured and individualised plan that fits around training, nutrition and lifestyle; and one that our clients can be consistent with.

Un-wavering Support

Un-wavering support and motivation throughout the journey.

Client Accountability

Accountability to keep our clients on track towards their goals through check-ins, open communication, advice and current software.

Education along the way

Education so that our clients are learning the essentials and have an understanding of why they are doing the process in the ways that they are.

People think they have tried every approach; but they haven’t tried ours.

At Trained by BV we have created an experience that will transform your life; physically and mentally.

We are more than just a gym.

We are more than just personal trainers.

We are deeply invested in providing bullet-proof results and success for our clients.

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Your dedicated coach will not just be there to guide you on the gym floor; they will become your teammate

Whether you;

  • Struggle for motivation.
  • Lack consistency and structure with sticking to a plan; related to your training, nutrition or mindset.
  • Need help with learning how to perform exercises properly so you are maximising the time you spend on the gym floor.
  • Or even if you are unsure where to start on your journey to achieve your current goals…

Our full-proof, one-to-one training will be tailored to you to ensure that you meet your goals.

Your dedicated coach will not just be there to guide you on the gym floor; they will become your teammate on what will be a truly life-changing journey.

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