This 12 week package includes

A full assessment to shape your personalised coaching package

A full lifestyle analysis in to your history, experience, goals, needs, challenges; all so that we can build a detailed picture of you so that we can create the perfect programme to achieve the results you want.

A detailed training programme with training video tutorials

Built around you and your goals with results in mind. Your previous training history, injuries and current fitness level are all taken in to account when designing the perfect programme to ensure you accomplish your goals. You will also have access to our full Trained by BV training library which will provide you with videos of all the exercises in your programme.

A personalised nutritional plan

Education around the fundamentals of nutrition. A nutritional strategy that is enjoyable and sustainable, but that will ensure you achieve your goals. The nutritional strategy we create will always work for you as an individual; your tastes, schedule and lifestyle.

24/7 access to a team of dedicated personal coaches for support and accountability; wherever you are

We will pair you up with a coach that will be best suited to your unique journey and they will manage your online coaching programme.

Your coach will guide you and be there to keep you accountable throughout your journey. They will ensure you stay on track to achieve the results you desire and also give you the tools and knowledge you need to maintain your new lifestyle forever.

You will complete weekly check-ins for your coach to ensure accountability and progress.

Our online coaching package will provide you with the expert support you need to achieve your goals; where ever you are.

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