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Not everyone can make it to our gym facility in Bristol. That’s why we offer online coaching packages designed with as much detail and care as our face to face personal coaching.

Our 12-week online packages are written and delivered by expert coaches with decades of experience. We have advanced qualifications and detailed knowledge of nutrition, training, and performance coaching.

What’s your goal? Fat loss, strength, muscle gain, or total body recomposition? Your online coaching packages will include training, nutrition, and supplementation guidance, regular assessments, and 24/7 access to your coach. You’ll also get access to our Trained by BV exercise tutorial video library.

Get all the tools you need to reach your ultimate goal in 12 weeks.

Bespoke 12-week plans

When you sign up to a 12-week online coaching plan, we’ll do an extensive consultation to gather all the data we need to write you the best training, nutrition, and supplementation program. We will ask you about stress, sleep, and lifestyle factors to get a detailed picture of how to help you achieve results.

Fortnightly check-ins

You will have 24/7 access to your coach for questions, but once a fortnight we will do a formal check-in to take measurements and other data. Your coach will make any necessary adjustments to your plan. This approach prevents you hitting a plateau.

Fat loss, muscle gain, body transformation

You can achieve life-changing results in 12 weeks when you are on the right plan and have great support. Whether you want to shed body fat, gain muscle mass, improve your performance, or do your own body transformation, our 12-week online plans work if you do.

Designed by our expert coaches

You need a training plan that is as individual as you are. We will use our experience to design the best plan for you at this moment in time. You will learn how to train the best way for your body. Stop wasting time and start getting results.

Plus more

Sign up to a 12-week online coaching plan and you will get access to our extensive video library of exercise tutorials. Use them to learn about technique, form, and tempo, or to brush up on your knowledge as you go through your plan.

Add ons

12-week online coaching clients can purchase gym membership to the Trained by BV gym in Bristol at a reduced rate.

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