Choice of 1-2-1 coaching or bigger group classes

Trained by BV semi-private coaching provides clients with an additional option between 1-2-1 coaching or bigger group classes.

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Semi-private coaching is


The sessions are kept small enough to allow your coach to be able to pay close attention to you and to ensure that they can still give you the necessary guidance and supported needed for you to progress. Your workout will still be personalised to you and not just a generalisation of what works for the group.

Extra motivation

Generally people work harder and are more motivated when they are surrounded by like minded people all working hard like them towards their goals. With other people in your group, you will have the necessary motivation to push hard in your sessions, getting you ever closer to your results.

Being part of a team

We are a community here at Trained by BV. A community of incredible humans with a diverse range of backgrounds, interests and experience. Semi-private coaching groups give you more exclusive access to being supported and providing support to others in our coaching community.

More cost effective

Cheaper than 1-2-1 coaching sessions. This is a more affordable option for many.

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