Are you spending your time in the gym efficiently?

When you’re spending time working towards being your best, it’s important to ask yourself, are you spending your time in the gym efficiently?

All the benefits of the basic membership but also includes the following

Minimum 3-month term
£60 per month (no joining fee)

Training Programme

A training programme written by one of the Trained by BV coaches (updated every month)

Monthly check-in

Monthly check-in with your coach where they will either adjust your current plan or change training programs completely depending on the feedback they get from your check-in.

Training App

Access to our training app which will include your training program, training schedule and exercises in your plan.

Video Demonstrations

Videos and detailed descriptions on each exercise so you are never left confused how to perform an exercise.

Structure is the key to great results

If you are repeatedly doing the same things over and over with no structure or progression, you will not get results.

If you get bored of your regime and your effort levels suffer as a result, you will not achieve your goals.

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