The hardest part of getting fit does not always lie in the workout or training programme itself, but rather the actual notion of getting started in the first place. It is one thing to be able to SAY that you are going to stick to a plan, but how about less chat and more DOING? We realise this is much easier said than done … hence the reason some people spend so much time talking and planning. We call this ‘putting it off’ or in a more ‘to -the-point’ term, a load of BS! Without a level of self-accountability, your end results can pretty much take a walk (no pun intended) SO, how can you remain self-motivated to get that kick-start attitude to begin your training plan? We have implemented within this blogpost 10 tricks and tips that can get you started and help you remain accountable for your workouts and fitness journey!

1. Sign up for a competition or a photoshoot.

The first and foremost thing you can do to make sure you add that little bit pressure to yourself, is to set yourself up for a competition such as or even a photoshoot. Having the constant thought of needing to get fit by a certain date means that you will be way more motivated to hit your target rather than just focusing on your looks and progress along the way!

2. Take weekly progress photos.

There is nothing that screams accountability more, than taking weekly progress pictures of yourself to keep you in check. This is one of the best ways to monitor how you look aesthetically, rather than relying solely on the scales. Make sure that when you take these pictures, you remain as consistent and as neutrally posed as possible to ensure that when you place the images side by side, you are able to clearly see progress made week after week. It often helps if you get someone else to take this for you so you can ensure you are getting a decent full-length image every time. Do NOT even think about hitting that filter feature!

3. Share your progress on Social

Whether you are a rookie on social media, or you have thousands of followers, sharing one or two results of your training programme on your platforms can work wonders for your own self-motivation. There is nothing quite like having friends and other followers send you a “well done” or hitting the ‘like’ button on your recent posts to keep your self-esteem boosted. We aren’t saying go plastering every single update like “look at me” and making yourself look like a bit of a big-headed tit, but fishing for a few likes now and again never hurt anyone. As well as posting for your own motivation, bear in mind that you could also be inspiring to follow in your steps!

4. Invest in yourself

By this, we mean invest some money somewhere into your fitness journey. If you are signing up for a competition, you need to bear in mind that this can cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds for the categories, outfits and not to mention, personal training sessions and nutritional investment. This alone can keep you motivated and accountable for every training session you need to complete. Missed a few sessions “here and there’? THINK about the repercussions this could have on your chances in the competition and the money you have invested into making the best possible results for yourself. If you aren’t training for a competition or shoot, invest in some decent workout gear or a nutritional programme or supplements that make you feel like you are taking your journey seriously.

5. Do it for a cause

Alternatively, take the opportunity to get some serious funding on the go! You can setup a Go Fund Me page for pretty much any charity or cause that you wish and share the across all of your social platforms . This is a really great way of keeping yourself accountable as it will mean you are also taking on the responsibility of raising money for your chosen cause. The harder you work = better results = more money you raise for your chosen cause, which is a ‘win-win’ all round, right?

6. Get a decent tracking app!

Whether you are going solo or you need a little extra help when your coach is away, make sure you download a fitness app to accurately track ALL of your progress. These are especially beneficial for tracking your daily intake of calories, especially if you are on a deficit or surplus, to make sure that you are not undercutting or going over your daily limit. Every calorie counts when you are training towards your goal, so make sure you are not cutting corners when inputting your data and accurately weigh/ portion control your food. Most tracking apps have all other features such as tracking metrics, steps, and goal setting. You pretty much have zero excuses here not to download one! Some of our recommended FREE apps would be MyFitnessPal, Nike training Club and Fitocracy.

7. Set a solid routine

Having a routine will probably be your number 1 starting point on your road to success. Your routine needs to be completely individual to you. It is so easy to sit for hours, scrolling through social media and adopt similar routines to that of others, but you need to realise that you will only successfully stick to a routine that’s individual to YOU. Taking this into account, set yourself a series of micro-goals and a routine that works towards those goals in a realistic way. For example, if you set aside an hour for cardio each day, make sure you are sticking to the same time every day and building this up. Ran 5k yesterday? Run 6k tomorrow … and so on!

8. Seek feedback and seek it often

By now, everyone around you will most probably be aware of your training regime and goals. Usually the attitude of “I don’t give a toss what anyone else thinks” works, for most things but the opinions from co-workers, friends, and your coach are usually radically different to how you see yourself. This is often raw and honest feedback, and having these insights into their opinions, will give you the boost on what you are doing right, and the correct guidance on where you need to be improving.

9. Turn up the volume

Music can play a key part in your training journey and there is nothing quite like getting you up and motivated than whacking on some decent tunes. Creating some stellar playlists can make all of the difference to your progress. Weight training? Think Rocky type of vibes (you know the tune!) Cardio? Get some house tunes cranked up and get to the pace of the beats.

10. Get yourself a decent coach!

We purposefully left this one until last because ultimately, you have exhausted this list and you are still finding it hard to motivate yourself throughout your fitness journey, then we can! This doesn’t mean we are going to go easy on you, because we want to see results. Most importantly, we want to see the results that you do too. Drop us a line anytime to have a chat about how we can help get you started and make YOU stay accountable along the way!

Read this entire article? Good, then you now have ZERO excuses to get yourself up, motivated and put the first foot forward towards your goal – Team BV.