Fix your gut

Beneficial gut bacteria help manufacturer certain vitamins, enhance absorption of minerals, fight off pathogens, reduce inflammation and digest food properly. Promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut and stop doing things that promote the growth of bad bacteria. E.g.

1. Avoid using drugs and antibiotics as this destroys good bacteria.

2. Eat lots of probiotic foods such as sauerkraut, kefir and a good quality yoghurt.

3. Eat a diet high in protein, fruits and vegetables including resistant starches such as oats, peas and bananas.

Eat protein with every meal

Consuming higher levels of protein will help you feel satisfied after eating as well as maintain a healthy body composition and good immune function. Depending on your activity level, aim for 1-1.5g of protein per lb of body weight a day.

Eat majority of carbohydrates in and around training

Your body will utilise carbohydrates much more effectively following a training session. Have your highest carbohydrate meal 1-2 hours post workout and limit your carbohydrates intake furthest from your training sessions.

Reduce stress

Stress has many negative effects on our bodies and minds. When stress is chronically high, stress hormones will increase and this has a direct link to fat gain, especially around the midline. Try to do things that reduce stress E.g. relax and unwind with simple things like meditation, yoga, listening to music and going for a walk.

Eat smart fats

The types of foods you eat, greatly effect the bacteria that you have in your gut. Opt for smart fats such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and omega 3 fish oil.

Weight train 3 times a week

Strength training with hypertrophy style rep ranges and rest periods produce more lactic acid build up and a greater fat burning hormone response.

Be consistent and patient

Consistency is the key! Results don’t happen over night. Apply these principles, create good habits that you can maintain. Eat clean, train regularly, improve your lifestyle and start seeing results.